Sid just signed on Berlin stape Kling Klong Records partnering with Herald and Roy Davis JR for an upcoming release soon!


As well as another release titled ‘Get Up Daddy’ on UK based label Deeplomatic Recordings including a remix from DJ W!LD!
Comes out December 20th 2017.

October fresh Mix by Paris-born, New York bred, and global minded House Producer Sid Vaga brings the vibes to Housechart1. Its very cool..make sure to check it out guys!!♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Out now on Beatport!
Herald – ‘Eartha’ + Sid Vaga Remix
Sid’s remix of Herald’s “Eartha” on Laboratory Records. Deeper and more cerebral than usual, Herald took to the sounds and vibes from his last travel in West Africa.
With New York City pier Sid Vaga, this release goes minimalist and tribal with dark and groovy tones.